Founded more than 25 years ago, ESMA is a school specialising in applied arts training, which has produced a good number of graphic designers, space designers and specialists in CG animation and FX.

Internationally recognised for the quality and richness of its artistic teaching, the school offers courses in Space Design, Graphic Design and CG Animation, as well as three preparatory years. Its objective: to prepare its students for the various artistic professions so that they can fully achieve their creative desires.

Today, ESMA is present in four French cities: Lyon, Montpellier, Nantes and Toulouse, as well as in Montreal, Canada. 

We can also count on the participation of students from Tunon international school.

Created in 1964, this school has 58 years of history in the service of private education, to establish itself as a key player in training for professions in the air transport, hotel, luxury, events, sports management, tourism and hospitality.

There are 15 schools (14 in France, including Montpellier (140, rue Robert Koch/04 67 58 11 08)) and 1 in Geneva (Switzerland).



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