TOP 10 tips for a success ful stay

Enjoy a drink on the famous place de la Comédie

Located in the heart of Montpellier, the Place de la Comédie is THE place to be! Formerly known as the “egg” (Place de l’oeuf) due to its oval shape, and dominated by the Comédie opera house, this is one of Europe’s most extensive pedestrian areas. In the centre of the square, the “3 Graces” fountain, created in 1773, reigns supreme. A great place to soak up the city’s vibes!

A car-free experience

A pedestrian-friendly destination, enjoy discovering Montpellier on foot, bicycle or tram. Leave stress and noise behind. Here, cars are not welcome in the city-centre. Upon arrival at St Roch station, visitors are immediately immersed in a vast pedestrian area. The thrill of disco-very is all the more intense, with street artists and buzzing café terraces from which to watch the permanent ballet of the 4 colourful tram lines serving the city.

Take a deep breath of fresh art

A preference for fine art or contemporary art…? Not to be missed: the Fabre Museum, considered as one of Eu-rope’s most beautiful Fine Arts museums, with European works from the Renaissance to the present day, and a full wing dedicated to contemporary artist, Pierre Soulages. And the MOCO, a brand new contemporary art centre that opened its doors in June 2019, showing temporary exhibitions from international collectors.

Lovers of urban culture must not miss the Halle Tropisme, newly installed in the Crea-tive City which has taken up residence in a series of for-mer army warehouses.

Strolling in medieval streets

The ancient city-centre of Montpellier is packed with win-ding, medieval streets, a symbol of its proud past. Rue de la Valfère, rue du Bras de Fer, rue de la Argenterie all offer visitors a taste of bygone times.
The very best way to discover them? Leave the map behind, and just enjoy discovering the aura of these narrow streets. On the agenda, a fun shopping spree in boutiques with vaulted ceilings, which alone are worth the visit and a trip back in time, where designers, antique dealers, tea rooms and galleries abound!

Take in the surrounding countryside

Montpellier Méditerranée offers a kaleidoscope of colour and atmospheres. The landscape around the central city of Montpellier is a genuine ode to nature: vineyards, hi-king trails, sandy beaches, the nearby Pic Saint Loup, all less than an hour away , along with picturesque Languedoc villages… The best place to discover the panorama of land-scapes? From the top of the triumphal arch or water tower.

Getting away from it all on an architectural journey

Visitors to Montpellier are immediately struck by its vibrant diversity. Each district of the city is unique and distinct, illustrating the city’s 1,000-year old history. A clever mix of ancient and contemporary architecture, from medieval alleys to architectu ral masterpieces by top international architects, including Jean Nouvel, Zaha Hadid, Massimiliano Fuksas, and many more! Starck’s latest creation is also a must-see: Le Nuage, also l’Arbre Blanc by Sou Foukimoto or the Folie Divine by London architect, Farshid Moussavi.

Good vibes

Throughout the year, anytime, anywhere! Vibrant, effer-vescent, the heart of Montpellier Méditerranée beats to the rhythm of its major events: Montpellier International Dance Festival, Radio France Festival, the International Extreme Sports Festival, sports competitions with French and international elite teams… but also an ode to tradition with the bull sports trophy, the sea festival and so much more… Choose a visit-event combo, the very best way to experience and share the delights of Montpellier Méditer-ranée!

Let your test buds do the walking

A visit to Montpellier Méditerranée is not complete without a tasty gourmet break! Not to be missed? A tasting-producer discovery com-bo: local wines direct from neigh-bouring vineyards, oysters straight from the Thau lagoon just 20 mi-nutes from Montpellier, olives and oils from their producers… But also, directly from the shopkee-pers in the culinary markets of Laissac, Castellane, in the heart of the city, Jacques Cœur and Marché du Lez on the outskirts… without forgetting, the Estivales summer festi-val, organised in many local towns and villages, for fun, gourmet festivity!

Take a stroll, night and day

Hop on line 4 of the tramway to visit the city centre and discover some of Montpellier’s most beautiful heritage jewels: Place Royale du Peyrou, Faculty of Medicine, the monumental towers (Tour des Pins, Tour de la Babote)… Our special favourite? Visit the city at nightfall, and dis-cover all these treasures beautifully lit up!

Take a cycle trip to the sea all year round, and enjoy the private beaches on sunny days

With the Mediterranean just 11km away, the seaside is an integral part of the Montpellier experience. Enjoy an invigorating getaway to Villeneuve les Maguelone… not to be missed! Discover Maguelone cathedral, a Roma-nesque jewel in an enchanting setting between vineyards and the sea. From April to September, beach cafés open their doors; pop-up restaurants and event/concert spots abound, all very popular with Montpellier’s residents and tourists. A tip? Take a bike ride out to the beach, through the Port Marianne district, then along the fully-secured Mediterranean trail… Enjoy feeling the wind in your hair!

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